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    Waterproof Band Aids Mea Wahīʻeha - Nā Lako

    These Waterproof Band-Aids (Mea Wahīʻeha) - NĀ Lako from ‘Ono + ‘Awa Keiki Club are available at Pop-Up Mākeke and are a special edition collaboration between Iwi Nails and the ‘Ono + ‘Awa Keiki Club.

    This design is original and the vendor's longest-lasting band-aid. These are sure to be a winner! They feature designs such as birds and moon cycles with different colored backgrounds, but regardless of the design, they are perfect for keiki and makua too!

    When the bandaids are applied correctly, they are waterproof. They are perfect for carrying in your purse, backpack, and gym bag. You can also put them in your kid's backpack, so they always have bandaids handy. These waterproof bandaids are sterile and individually-wrapped strips and are to be used on minor cuts and scrapes.

    You should always have a first aid kit in important places - such as your home and car. Bandaids are a first aid kit essential. The designs are perfect to put a smile on kids' faces. No matter where you store these bandaids, they are extremely convenient to always have on hand and are guaranteed to be used.


    • Material: High-Quality CE Certified PE Material 
    • Not made Natural Rubber Latex
    • 10 Strips per package