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  • Manoa Chocolate

    Proudly located on O'ahu

    Since 2010 Manoa Chocolate has been crafting bean-to-bar chocolate on the Hawaiian Island of O'ahu. They ethically source cacao beans from Hawai'i and around the world, with a goal to bring out the best in each bean. 

    The Hawaiian word mānoa means solid, vast, and depth. With this meaning in mind, Manoa Chocolate was founded. It stands for taking care of the land where the company harvests their cacao, the nuanced process of crafting their chocolate, and leaving the world better than when they came into it.

    The Manoa Chocolate team strives to make the most delicious chocolate in the world. They believe that can't happen without sourcing the highest quality cacao and obsessing over every step in the chocolate-making process, from roasting to tempering.

    They craft all of their chocolate in-house, from bean to bar, allowing Manoa Chocolate to have complete control over each step in the process.

    Find Manoa Chocolate Online 

    Facebook:Manoa Chocolate Hawaii

    Instagram: @manoachocolate