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  • IWNA-1005

    Travel Gel Nail Lamp

    This Travel Gel Nail Lamp from Iwi Nails is available at Pop-Up Mākeke. You can easily finish your gel strip manicure with this easy-to-use portable gel lamp.

    This travel lamp is to be used when you are applying your Iwi nail strips to your nails. This will complete your nail set for the perfect girl’s night in or spa day at home. You can give yourself a salon-style manicure at home in 30 minutes, and this lamp completes that process!

    After you have prepped your nails and applied the nail strips, you then put one hand at a time under the lamp and press the button to start the process. You have to keep your hand under the light for 60 seconds to fully cure your nails to allow the nail strips to stay on for 3+ weeks.

    There is a built-in timer that will allow you to know when the 60 seconds is up so you can either switch to the next hand or relish in how great your at-home manicure looks! There is also a USB cord included to get it working. All you have to do is plug it into a block, and voila, you can use it!

    This portable gel lamp is the perfect addition to a salon/nail care gift basket for any friend or family member in your life. It is a great way to get at-home nails that you and your loved ones will enjoy – from the start of the process until you’re done!


    • Portable
    • Timer and USB Cord included
    • Note: Required to cure gel nail strips.