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  • MAN60

    Manakō x Mango Dark Milk Chocolate Bar

    • This Manakō x Mango Dark Milk Chocolate Bar from Manoa Chocolate is available at Pop-Up Mākeke and is dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free.

      Historical accounts suggest Mangoes first arrived in the Hawaiian Islands before 1825. In Hawai’i, the fruit thrives with over 500 varieties across the islands! Mango season is a highlight of summer in Hawai’i and brings a pleasant sweetness to the heat. It is widely consumed fresh or preserved through pickling, chutney, and sauces.

      This chocolate bar has 70% dark chocolate and is made from cacao, organic cane sugar, mango powder, and cocoa butter. The bar has a net weight of 2.1oz (60g) per bar, and for maximum flavor, you can store and eat the chocolate at 65-70° F.

      This would be the perfect addition to any food or gift basket for a friend or family member. It would also be great for a chocolate lover because, thanks to the healthy aspect of the bar, you or someone you know can indulge in it without feeling guilty.

      This delicious chocolate bar would pair well with German Riesling Wine, White Rum Liquor, or IPA Beer.


      • Net Weight: 2.1oz
      • Non-GMO
    • Cacao, Organic Cane Sugar, Mango Powder, Cocoa Butter