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    Kāleka Pō Mahina Flash Cards


    These Kāleka Pō Mahina Flash Cards from Kaulana Mahina are available at Pop-Up Mākeke and are moon phase cards that are printed on 8.5"x5" card stock paper showing information about each moon phase. 

    Each card that represents a different moon phase also includes information on wā hakū (rising time), anahulu (lunar weeks), hiʻohiʻona (features) about the pō mahina, lawaiʻa (fishing), and mahiʻai (farming).

    These educational cards are perfect for not only school-aged children but also adults who may not know much about the moon phases. It would make a great flash card game for family game night. You could have each person in the family try and put them all in order. Or, you can flip them over, and then as you flip one card up, you have to decide where they go in the moon phase. Not only is it educational, but it can also be fun too!

    Kāleka Pō Mahina is available in Hawaiian, and you can get the cards with or without the English translation. 


    • Card Dimensions: 8.5" x 5"
    • Material: Card Stock Paper
    • Available: Hawaiian Language or Hawaiian Language with English Translations