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    Hilo Neoprene Pouch

    This Neoprene Pouch from Aloha Modern is available at Pop-Up Mākeke and features a gorgeous and eye-catching Hilo design with different beautiful shades of blue.

    The word Hilo has multiple meanings, but one of the main ones is "to braid our twist." It is also the name of a famous navigator. It is also the first or new moon and was derived from the earlier two meanings. 

    As the slender new moon sets in the western sky, it often has a twisted appearance, thus having the name Hilo. Because this is the first moon, it acts as a navigator for the moons to follow. Traditionally it was felt that this was a good moon for deep sea fishing but bad for reef fishing and gathering of any below-ground roots and vegetables. Hilo is also a type of grass, mau‘u Hilo, as well as a variety of sweet potatoes.

    This waterproof lined pouch is made from wetsuit material and is perfect to take with you to a beach day if you only want to keep your essentials close by. You can also use it as a loose change bag and won't have to worry about it raining if you have it out. The pouch includes a top zipper that features a rubber splash-proof enclosure for all of the valuable belongings you have on hand.


    • Dimensions: 9.5" x 8.6"
    • Material: Neoprene Wetsuit
    • Waterproof Lined