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    Gold & Champagne Picasso Island Style Necklace - 27"

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    The blend of Duracoat beads done in matte gold and brown gives this a modern with an old school appeal. The brass-toned metallic magnetic end cap completes the cool look. This necklace was inspired by the beautiful necklaces made in Ni'IHua but is handcrafted using hundreds of glass beads from Japan that were then loaded onto multiple nylon cords and woven together on a wooden Marudai stand. The necklace feels wonderful to wear and requires little to almost no care by using a clean dry towel every few months to keep dust-free and bright. 

    Akalei is the Hawaiian word for "bead reflections" which truly describes this unique style only available here on Maui. 

    Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese braid-making technique that creates beautiful and strong interlaced cords. This art form goes back hundreds of years, as braids were made for use in armor of Japanese samurai warriors. In modern times these braids are designed as belts (obijime) used on kimonos.