LAKEpositive STAYpositive is our motto. Meaning using our everyday values to promote positivity in our surroundings. This platform to start this small business came from the loving inspiration of a special someone who suffers from mental health issues but more so on trying to give an avenue to re-focus the mind and energy into something more positive. Brewing for a forward movement, we decided to use this platform to promote positivity, support, care, and love into the world. Hence the business name LAKEpositive, which is using the platform for my nieces and nephew to always walk in life promoting positive energy and showing love and aloha at all times. So please join us in a journey where learning and growing is a consistent process and having humility is the new norm.

Proudly located on O'ahu


Website www.xholoix.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_x.holoi.x_