Hawaiian Checkers: Burlap Papamu

Let me know if this product comes back to Pop-Up Mākeke:

If you love strategy games you’re going to love Kōnane. An ancient Hawaiian strategy game that is very easy to learn and fun to play. 

Perfect for strengthening relationships at the dinner table and requires no batteries. 

Traditionally played huge rocks or heavy boards, our Burlap Papamū or playing board is designed for the newer player in mind. Our clearly marked Black and White circles make it easier to play Kōnane correctly. The circles are designed to use plastic bottle caps as playing pieces (or `ili `ili) to reflect our commitment to Mālama `Āina. 

These Papamū are light enough to fit in a bag and is ready to play at a moments notice. 

Your purchase of $25 gets you a: 

Burlap Papamū (6 x 6)

Black & White flat marbles, 36 total so you can play right away.

A random Aloha print `ili bag to hold your marbles.

A Kōnane decal for your car or Hydro Flask

An info card that talks about our Native Hawaiian company with support options and get’s you to our website for some free downloads.

Instructions that gets you to our You Tube channel that explains the rules that you can save on your smart phone just in case you forget. You also get chance to see some Kōnane action to strengthen up your game.

Hawaiian Checkers .com is a Native Hawaiian company based on the island of Kaua`i and has been teaching Kōnane to our community since 2011. A purchase from our company helps us support our goal of building a Kōnane playing population for the future.

Give the gift of culture,

Aloha and Mahalo,

Uncle John Kaohelaulii

Owner Hawaiian Checkers .com