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Locals Only Studs: Maoli

A common ensignia associated with Hawaiian sovereignty and Kanaka Maoli movements in modern times, some say this symbol donned Kamehameha the Great_s personal flag destroyed by the Brits. You can also find it in a shield on the royal coat of arms for the Hawaiian Kingdom. It represents the kahili, a symbol synonymous with ali_i and two paddles which some attribute to our aptitude of ocean navigation.

No matter your take on the origins or symbolism of this emblem, our Maoli Studs scream #NATIVE, #GENUINE, #ORIGINAL #RESISTANCE, #HAWAIIAN, #INDIGENEITY, #MAOLI.


We specialize in laser engraved, invasive wood studs on hypoallergenic stainless steel posts.
Our signature product are these asymmetrical, mix-n-match studs roughly 3/8" tall.

No two pieces are the same. Working with natural materials allows us to embrace the beauty in each piece, we let the wood speak to us and be maoli. For that reason, we do not stain or dye our pieces as this would alter their natural, Akua-gifted characteristics. The pieces are sealed with a water-based finish on the fronts and a layer of black acrylic paint on the back.

We only have BLONDIE type wood pieces. Dark woods are currently unavailable. Mahalo!


Genuine | Original | Be Maoli.
All Things Maoli Co.

Kanaka Maoli family business on O'ahu.
Made in the Kingdom of Hawai'i.
Mahalo Ke Akua!