A centralized online marketplace supporting Hawai’i small businesses.

Vendors are selected by an external committee of community leaders.

We anticipate supporting approximately 300 vendors.

There is no fee to become a vendor, however if selected as a consignment vendor fees may be assessed.  Pop-Up Mākeke is in the process of securing third party support to cover these fees.


- Products sold to Pop-Up Makeke at a discounted rate (this is typically 50% of the retail value)

- Products will be sold on Amazon.com and Popupmakeke.com


- Pop-Up Mākeke will sell products on behalf of businesses on popupmakeke.com

- Vendor will receive the retail value of their products, minus fees that maybe assessed

- Unsold product at the end of the Pop-Up Mākeke will be returned to the vendor

- Must devote 3 hours to an onboarding workshop; and

- Be a registered business in good standing in the state of Hawaii; and

- Products must have a connection to Hawaii; and

- All products must have a high-resolution photo; and

- All products must have a written description which includes but is not limited to core features, dimensions/weight, unique value proposition; and

- All products must have a barcode; and

- Products must be individually packaged

Amazon will be providing fulfillment support and assisting with increasing the global footprint for Hawaiʻi based wholesale businesses.

Consignment products will be fulfilled locally.  Wholesale products will be fulfilled by Amazon.

Barcodes help keep track of inventory and are a requirement of both our local fulfillment partner and Amazon.

Product descriptions and photos need to be submitted by May 10th. Products need to be received the week of May 24th. We will provide more information about transporting products once you have an executed purchase order or consignment agreement.

Products need to be handed over to Pop-Up Mākeke ready to be shipped.

Our current plan is to open the Pop-Up Mākeke on June 1, 2021

Once selected as a vendor, you will be notified by email and scheduled to participate in our orientation.  Additional information will be provided in email.

A series of shows in the month of July are being planned, along with hundreds of tv and digital commercials.  Programming will promote products from the Pop-Up Mākeke.

An end date has not yet been determined.

The Pop-Up Mākeke is facilitated and managed by the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement (CNHA) is a member-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization.