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  • SQ8126808

    Kamehameha Butterflies Cover Up

    4 items left
    • This Kamehameha Butterflies Cover-Up from David Shepard Hawaii is available at Pop-Up Mākeke and is a midi-length cover-up that features a limited-quantity print. It has hand-drawn fabric print illustrations that are designed, cut, and sewn in Hawai'i on imported fabric.

      It is made with draping 100% Tencel, a sustainably made eucalyptus-based fabric. Tencel is a fiber that is intended as a silk substitute that is derived from wood pulp. It is a natural fabric in the same family as Modal that is more breathable and soft than cotton. It is a luxury eco-fabric that is made in a closed-loop cycle from sustainably grown eucalyptus. There is no plastic, polyester, or cotton used here. It is, instead, an all-natural sustainable wood pulp fiber with a luxurious silky texture.

      This cover-up is extremely versatile. You can use it as a beach cover-up, wrap-around skirt, scarf, shawl, or anything you can think of. It will add a pop of color to any wardrobe and is sure to impress. You can also gift this beautiful cover-up to a friend or family member in your life who is a fashionista. It is comfortable, stylish, and perfect for any occasion!


      • Material: 100% Tencel
      • Designed, cut, and sewn in Hawaii
      • Note: The model is wearing a size small.
    • The butterfly has always been a symbol of healing and transformation.

      The Kamehameha butterfly (Vanessa tameamea) in this print is one of only two native Hawaiian butterflies. This print is particularly special to the designer, David Shepard, because, during a period of mysterious health problems that turned out to be serious, he made this design.

      This print symbolizes hope, healing, love, and one's personal transformation. During his time of healing, he realized that love was everywhere, and the butterflies symbolize that.