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  • LAHI-1022

    "Hawaiian Plants Make Me Happy" Tote Bag

    This "Hawaiian Plants Make Me Happy" Tote Bag from Laulima Hawaiʻi is available at Pop-Up Mākeke and hand-sewn and screen-printed with water-based (non-toxic) ink. 

    The Hawaiian happy-face spider (nananana makakiʻi) is endemic to Hawaiian rainforests and cruises on the undersides of leaves. These tiny spiders measure less than 5mm (0.2" inches) in body size and can vary in color from yellow to pale green. Nananana makakiʻi does not spin webs but instead uses their silk to travel around and capture prey. They are one of the few spiders in the world that provide care for their young.

    It is the perfect accessory to take with you and use as a beach bag to carry your sunglasses, sunscreen, and towel. It would also be great to use as a shopping bag when you go to the market. It can hold your phone, keys, shopping list, or even for anything you pick up when shopping. 

    No matter where you are going or what you're doing, this is the bag you need to have with you at all times. You can also gift it to any friend or family member who is constantly adding to their bag collection. It is a practical and stylish gift that will be used on a daily basis. 


    • Dimensions: 13" x 16"
    • Materials: 65% Cotton, 35% Linen
    • Note: Hand-sewn and screen-printed with water-based (non-toxic) ink
    • Made in Hawai'i