Te Hotu Mana Creations

Tahitian Pearl Necklace: Sliding Pearl with Satellite Chain, Yellow Gold Filled

✨Classic and casual tahitian floating pearl necklace. A hawaii MUST HAVE ! 😍Sure to please and be enjoyed on a daily basis !
✨Pearl color and sizes may slightly vary.
Pearl size around 9-10mm.

✨Metal : 14k Yellow Gold filled .

✨Gold-filled jewelry is made of a solid layer of gold mechanically bonded to a base metal.

✨All of our pearls are hand picked directly from local farmers in Tahiti. We personally fly to Tahiti and hand pick each pearl . They are all certified by the local government in Tahiti .

You can wear your pearls everyday with some precautions. Please refer to the "how to care for you pearls" section on our website www.tehotumana.com