Peach Shells Hawaii

Sunrise Shell Necklace 2

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Native to Hawaii, Sunrise Shells are found around the coastal waters of the Hawaiian Islands. Every shell is unique in its shape, texture, and color thus giving each piece its own beauty. Legend has it that Sunrise Shells were worn only by ali'i (Hawaiian Royalty). Pairing a Sunrise Shell, Freshwater Pearl, and 14KGF material, this necklace is delicately handmade and handcrafted to create our beautiful Sunrise Shell Necklace. Look carefully and you will also find a hidden treasure. Behind Sunrise Shell pendant is a petite freshwater pearl.

This necklace is very fashionable for lounging around the poolside/beach and then for cocktails and dinner at sunset. It pairs beautifully with the matching earrings! (Sunrise Shell Heart Earrings).

Peach Shells Hawaii upholds a relaxed elegance inspired by the beauty of Hawaii’s beaches - A Resort Luxury.


  • Material: 14 Karat Gold Filled (14KGF), Hawaiian Sunrise Shell, Freshwater Pearl
  • Dimensions: Necklace Length 18", Sunrise Shells approximate w:7/8" x h:7/8", Freshwater Pearls 3/16"= 5mm