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Sky Dress – Eggplant Purple on Mint Green

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This mint green mid-thigh Sky Dress features an eggplant purple ‘ohe kapala (bamboo stamp) designed by the late Moana Eisele, who was fiercely dedicated to Hawaiian kapa. With a band collar and 4-button closure, this Sky Dress is overprinted with pale pink kāhuli (Hawaiian tree snail) shell designs and accented with blackberry-hued ribbon detailing. The myth of the kāhuli shells has long inspired traditional Hawaiian chants called ‘mele.’ One chant called “Kāhuli Aku” is a delightful story of tree snails singing to golden plovers, asking them to bring the snails a drink of water. Passed down over generations, “Kāhuli Aku” has now been set to music and is a popular children’s song.