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Lota T-Shirt (White)

Lota Kapuaiwa (Maui) 

The design of Kamehameha V Lota Kapuaiwa is similar to that of Kamamalu to represent his relationship to her as the elder brother. According to Elbert and Pukui, Lota’s name Kapuāiwa means “mysterious taboo.” My attempt was to highlight the story of the god Māui and the secrets gifted to him of fire by creating embers in Lota's photograph. This symbolizes the lands that Lota owned on Maui, which included Waiokama and Hanakaoo in Lahaina. The design of his name on the front of the shirt comes from the Buke Kakau Paa pg 7.

On the back of this shirt are a few ahupuaa on Maui awarded to Lota during the Mahele. Land Commission Award 7715 will give great detail of the lands owned by Lota. The place name of Hana has been crossed out by a member of the Land Commission, hinting that Hanakaoo is in Lahaina rather than Hana.