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  • BRLI-1008

    Rainforest Spiral Notebook

    This sleek Rainforest Spiral Notebook from Bradley & Lily is available at Pop-Up Mākeke and is the perfect gift for any writer or artist in your life who also loves the outdoors. 

    The large notebook holds 150 blank pages that are perfect to use if you are more of a visual learner and like drawing things out instead of writing them out. You can draw out diagrams for school, do a brain dump, and draw out your thoughts or anything else you want to get down. It can also be used as a traditional art journal or sketchbook. 

    Just because the pages are blank doesn't mean you can't write in the blank notebook. It can still be used as a traditional pad of paper to write down to-do lists, notes, a journal, or a recipe book. It would be a great gift for the visual learner, artist, or student in your life.


    • Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"
    • 150 blank pages 
    • Spiral