Noho Nani Mai

Pū Hala Pillowcase

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Build a beautiful design for your home with our Lauhala Square Pillowcases. Reminiscent of old Hawaiʻi this neutral design is a pillowcase design bold enough to stand on its own, and can easily complement the design schemes of your hale!  

Print Description:

1.Inspired by the Hawaiian Moons Phases, these Mahina are arranged from Hilo to Hoku to Muku in an arching detail symbolic of the rising and setting of the Moon. The Hawaii moon phases had kulena (responsibility) and `ike (knowledge) connected to each one of the specific 30 moon phases.  This knowledge is just one example of the deep understanding Hawaiians had with `āina. 

2. Inspired by the Pewa used by carvers to mend their calabash, containers, and papa ku`i `a. The symbol is a representation of `ohe kapala design. The art represents the mana`o of mending and binding.  The bold, and historical geometric shape of the pewa will create new and interesting designs in your home to inspire.  

3. Inspired by the sovereignty and intention of Kamehameha III, Kauikeaouli, the Hawaiian Coat of arms is designed at the center of our Lauhala Square Pillows. The coat of arms of the Nation of Hawai‘i was drawn up during the time of Kamehameha III; May 31, 1845, after the recognition of Hawai`i becoming a nation on November 28, 1843.  

Dimensions, Usage & Care:

  • (Large) 60cm x 60cm  Pillowcase.
  • (Medium) 50cm x 50cm Pillowcase.
  • (Small) 40cm x 40cm Pillowcase.
  • 100% Lauhala.
  • Suitable for Indoor Use.
  • Hidden zipper.
  • Made in Bali.
  • Wipe with a wet rag for spot cleaning.
  • Insert sold separately.