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‘Ōhi'a Lehua Notecard - set of 4

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‘Ōhi’a Lehua Notecard Collection - 4 pack

Legend says that one day Pele met a handsome warrior named ‘Ōhi’a had already pledged his love to Lehua. Pele was furious when ‘Ōhi’a turned down her marriage proposal, so she turned ‘Ōhi’a into a twisted tree. His love Lehua was heartbroken. The other gods took pity on Lehua and decided it was an injustice to have ‘Ōhi’a and Lehua separated. So, they turned Lehua into a flower and the ‘Ōhi’a tree so that the two lovers would be forever joined together.

Designed by Nelson Makua, these note cards come in a set of four cards and envelopes. Available exclusively from Na Makua. (Card size: 4.25” x 5.5”)