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Pilikia Bug - Hamu Pihoi PB17

Let me know if this product comes back to Pop-Up Mākeke:

Pilikia Bugs are a rare multi-generational find that deals with worry and anxiety using pilikia cards. Hamu Pihoi is a Pilikia Bug, Pilikia (pronounced Peeleekeeyah) is the Hawaiian word for troubles. Hamu pihoi, means, one who devours anxiety and worry. When not solving pilikia, Hamu Pihoi spends time being cuddled by young children, is a comforting companion for the frail of health and elderly, and when vacationing on a shelf or bed, will evoke a smile from everyone! No two are alike, each one is fashioned with 100% upcycled scrap fabric, resulting in a delightful, quirky, mismatched appearance. Each is individually machine and hand-stitched using 100% cotton fabric or a cotton/polyester blend and stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill. All limbs are double or triple stitched for durability and each is approximately 12" high, torso and head 4" wide with arms outstretched 8", they are 2" to 3" thick and weigh about 2 oz.