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Recollections: Memoirs of John Dominis Holt, 1919-1935 Book

John Dominis Holt IV
Ku Paʻa Publishing
Hardcover, 400 pp.

John Dominis Holt is recognized as one of the leading voices of the mid-century “Hawaiian Renaissance.” Descended from Hawaiian royalty and European ancestors, Holt navigated the competing claims of pedigree and genealogy in postcolonial Hawaii, once declaring, “I am, in depth, a product of Hawaii—an American, yes, who is a citizen of the fiftieth State, but I am also a Hawaiian; somewhat by blood, and in large measure by sentiment. Of this, I am proud.” Holt's Recollections are an important source of understanding of a generation whose spirit and Hawaiʻi aloha give us a lasting frame of reference that each of us, too, will eventually add to the present and future of our beloved islands.