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Na Lei Notecards - set of 4

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Na Lei Notecard Collection - 4 pack

In Hawaiian Culture a lei is something special that is created by someone and given to another as a symbol of affection. Most commonly a lei consists of fresh natural foliage such as flowers, leaves, vines, ferns, or seeds. The most commonly used flowers are plumerias, tuberose, carnations, orchids, and pikake, though maile, ferns, and ti leaves are used as well in traditional lei making among hula dancers. There are many styles of lei making such as “kui”, flowers strung together, “wili”, made by winding fiber around flowers, and “haku”, which is braided.

Designed by Nelson Makua, these note cards come in a set of four cards and envelopes. Available exclusively from Na Makua. (Card size: 4.25” x 5.5”)