The Kinolau Liko print pays homage to the cherished bond of sisterhood and brotherhood between siblings. The way the leaves of the liko exists in pairs reminded Manaola of this special kind of familial connection. This pattern is a lei design made with lehua buds of different sizes, representing the many dimensions of the divine feminine, the art of genealogical symmetry, and the spirit of sacred geometry. The word Liko, meaning leaf bud, youth, and or descendant, is often used poetically when speaking of a new generation of Hawai`i rising. The symbolism in this design is grounded in the hope that we may continue to practice and pass down the traditions and lifeways of our people to our `ōpio (youth) so that our culture will thrive and flourish in these ever changing times and the times to comeThe Pualei bag is reversible. YES! You read that correctly. This bag is reversible. Depending on the occassion or your feeling you can always switch it up with the Pualei.