MANAfest Aloha

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Manafest Hoʻokō - Ku i ka māna e ‘auamo kuleana… Hoʻokō - to fulfill; to bring to fruition Māna - To masticate/chew food to feed a child; a trait believed to be acquired from those who raise a child. Kū nō i ka māna a ke kahu hānai (a trait acquired from association with the one who raised the child). Hoʻokō means to fulfill or bring something to fruition. Māna ‘ai is food that has been chewed by an adult to feed a child. An ‘auamo is a stick in which we carry a burden across our shoulders. Thus, the mana’o or mindset behind this passage is to stand like those who have fed (raised) us so that we may assume our responsibilities and bring them to fruition. Our kūpuna (ancestors) were always extremely intentional in their actions, especially when it came to the stewardship and perpetuation of our natural resources, language, culture, morals, values, and legacy. They were keenly cognizant of the consequences of every decision and action, thus they planned not only for the next generation but for the next seven generations. Like an ihe (spear) piercing through the fabric of time, we emerged into this auspicious time and space to bring forth the goals and aspirations of our ancestors to fruition. Thus, may we humbly step forth and assume our responsibilities for the next seven generations and BEYOND...E hoʻokō kakou!!! Na’u me ka Ha’aha’a, Anela B.