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  • AWE-1001

    Ma Kai Hawaiian Marine Wildlife Educational Coloring Book

    This Ma Kai Hawaiian Marine Wildlife Educational Coloring Book from Advance Wildlife Education is available at Pop-Up Mākeke and covers 18 Hawaiian Fish and Marine Mammals! It is a bilingual book and features both English and Olelo. 

    This book includes fun facts, status, diet, photos, and Hawaiian stickers. It also includes ways people can help on a personal level, why sharks are necessary for a healthy ecosystem, and sustainable vs. non-sustainable fishing. It is a great tool that not only enhances one’s creativity but also taps into their intellectual brain as well.

    This would also make a great gift for any animal or coloring lover in your life. This would also be great for anybody who wants to learn more about animals from all over. The animal coloring book is useful for people of all ages and all educational levels. 


    • Pages: 52
    • Covers 18 Marine Mammal Species
    • Includes: Fun Facts, Diet, Status, Photos, Stickers
    • 150g Art Paper and 300g UV High Gloss Cover