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Laser Cut Kalo Plant Keepsake

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The taro plant (also known as "Kalo" in Hawaiian) is very important in native Hawaiian culture, defined in the birth chant "Kumulipo" as the plant from which Hawaiians were formed.

In Hawaii, the growing and cultivation of this plant have a long-standing history of tradition, as the Hawaiians loved, honored, and cared for their sacred Kalo plant.

Even the names of the parts of the plant are vital and an important link to the Hawaiians. The place where the stem meets the leaf is called the piko, or navel.

The stem is the ha, the breath, and the cluster of shoots (or Keiki, meaning children) that surround the mother plant are called an ohana, or family.

The taro plant, with beautiful, large, strong leaves shaped like hearts is one of the single most important, reliable, and nutritious plants in all of Polynesia.

Mahalo for supporting local small businesses! 


  • Dimensions: 2-7/8" tall by 3-3/8" wide
  • Material: Birch Plywood
  • Designed and cut in Honolulu, Hawai`i 
  • Note: Natural variants in wood color and patterns should be expected, no two are exactly the same.