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    Kāleka Hakalama Matching & Flash Cards

    These Kāleka Hakalama Matching & Flash Cards from Kaulana Mahina are available at Pop-Up Mākeke and are 2"x2" cards printed on colored cardstock. The card set contains all 90 huahakalama. The set also includes a storage bag to hold all of the cards in. 

    These cards can be used as a matching game or an educational card game. This is great for teaching your keiki more Hawaiian words, sounds, and spelling. When someone pulls a card, they have to say the sound. This helps to connect auditory sounds with a visual picture in a fun game. 

    This would make a great family game night activity with everybody, especially with younger kids. Or, if you have friends who also have preschool children or school-aged children, this would also be a great way to have fun with your friends and their kids until it's bedtime! However and wherever you use these educational cards, it is sure to be a success! 


    • Included: 90 Huahakalama Cards and a Large Storage Bag
    • Card Size: 2"x2"
    • Multiple Uses: Flash Cards, Matching Cards, Spelling Cards, Sound Cards