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Long Bohemian Vibe Necklace

This 29" long Bohemian style necklace reflects a casual, cool, unconventional, artistic look. A mixture of beads .... you got denim blue sodalite, red coral (square and tube), ocean blue apatite (larimar tone), 4mm picture scenery jasper and Tahitian black lip oyster heishi shells. Macrame to end loop and mother of pearl monstera button. Sodalite meaning is all about logic, truth and inner peace, its properties are deeply connected to the heart, which is also a big part of sodalite meaning. This connection with the heart imparts a calming effect that makes it easier to attain inner peace. The calming effect facilitates logical thinking, which ties into sodalite meaning. Blue Apatite crystals and stones are valued for its beauty, positive energy & manifestation powers, Apatite stones encourage productivity, self-esteem & quick thinking. A crystal of abundance, self-love and a powerful tool for growth, imagination & turning ideas into reality.