Hula Preservation Society

The Hawaiian Room DVD (2019) (2nd Edition, w/ Japanese subtitle)

The Hawaiian Room was a pioneering venue at the Lexington Hotel in New York City from 1937-1966. Over its historic 30-year run, hundreds of talented dancers, singers, and musicians from the islands brought Hawaiʻi to life 5,000 miles from home!

Millions of patrons took in the likes of such legends as Ray Kinney, Mamo Holt, Lani McIntire, Pualani Mossman, Jennie Napua Woodd, Ed Kenney, Emma Veary, Keola Beamer, Tutasi Wilson, Mona Joy, and Manu Kanemura, just to name a few!

Life for these young Hawaiians in the city was filled with wonder, awe, and eye-opening experiences. In typical island style, they clung together and along with other Hawaiʻi folks formed a close-knit Hawaiian community nestled in the busy streets and skyscrapers of New York City.

Hula Preservation Society and Filmmaker Ann Marie Kirk collaborated to create this documentary film from materials in the HPS Archive and interviews with elders who once shared Aloha and Hawaiian Culture with the world in the Big Apple!

Total Running Time: 60 minutes

Founded in 2000, the non-profit Hula Preservation Society is dedicated to preserving and sharing the unique spirits, authentic voices, and personal stories of our esteemed kūpuna hula.