Travel Pup Car Seat Belt Dog Leash

Not all adventures start from home and pups know when there is a great adventure in front of them. Can you blame them for not being able to contain their excitement? Help them save that energy for what awaits and keep your pup secure while your traveling to your next destination. Adjustable for medium to large dogs depending on the size of your vehicle and includes a bungee for those bumpy roads because we all know some of the best places are off the beaten path. This dog leash is navy blue, light blue and orange and snaps into any standard seat belt buckle. It is adjustable from 22 to 28 inches to fit your vehicle and dog size. At the end you will will find a black locking carabiner with swivel to keep your pup secure and your leash tangle free during your travel. This leash is a must have for when traveling to your next big adventure spot. You can feel confident with its twist lock carabiner keeping your dog dafe and your eyes on the road.