Hanalei Green Adventure Dog Leash

This Hanalei Green leash is the color that started it all. This was the first leash produced after a weekend getaway to Hanalei. The colors were inspired by the journey and is the perfect adventure leash for you and your pup whether you're hiking the lush green mountains that sweep into the sea or just relaxing at Hanalei Bay. This leash comes with a comfort loop and is 6 feet in length. The colors which make up this durable rope leash include; gold, bright green, blue and black. At the end you will will find a blue locking carabiner with swivel to keep your pup secure and your leash tangle free. This leash is a must have even for the most adventurous pups. You can feel confident with its twist lock carabiner when you're on the paths less traveled or even the ones traveled most, keeping your dog safe on on their leash.