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Hawaiian Print - Hōkūleʻa Hakipu'u - 8"x12"

Do you ever wish that you could make your walls more bright and more alive? Wall art is a great way to achieve that wish, and we have just the thing for you! The Hokule'a Hakipu'u Hawaiian Print from Paliku Films is available at Pop-Up Mākeke and is just the home decor photo you need. 

These lively and bright colors will easily match any color palette in your home. It measures 8"x12" and comes with a backing that makes it incredibly easy to put up on any wall.

This particular Hawaiian photo showcases an incredible and breathtaking view of Oahu's lush mountains. The brightness and exquisite detail in the mountains, sea, and sky make it almost seem like the picture is coming to life. The Hokule'a is moving across the ripples of the water, making it look like it is moving while it arrives in Hakipu'u.

If O'ahu is one of your dream destinations, this would be great for hanging on your wall as motivation to get there and to bring a piece of Hawaii's stunning landscape into any room of your home.


  • Size:8"x12"
  • Print comes with a backing
  • Taken by Paliku Film owner Nāʻālehu Anthony