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    Golden Orange Rose Petal Beaded Hawaiian Haku Lei Mini (5 Clusters) - 24"

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    Autumn tones abound here with the use of Milky Dark Gold Rose Petals and Orange Red Mushroom Beads. The 5 clusters of the 9" focal section remind me of a Thanksgiving Bounty with the rich gold tones. We then placed Dark Gold Silver Lined Seed Beads to complete this look and use a gold magnetic end cap that has a groove for added security (simply twist to remove). 

    These necklace lei drape gently to compliment the contours of the neck and chest. In addition, they feel wonderful to wear and require little to almost no care - simply clean by using a dry towel every few months to keep dust free and bright.

    This late 2021 design requires meticulous attention to detail and effort while braiding because the beads themselves make patterns to look like flowers, yet these lei endure forever (with proper care of course). They also make perfect gifts for friends and loved ones! This Haku mini 5 was hand braided by Randy Spicocchi, and the pattern was developed by Rebecca Ann Combs of

    Akalei is Hawaiian for "bead reflections" which describes this unique necklace lei design style made only here on Maui. We reinterpret traditional Hawaiian Lei using a vast assortment of glass and natural beads, Japanese silk and synthetic fibers, and a wide variety of braiding techniques and inspirations from across the globe.

    This beautiful handcrafted necklace lei was made using hundreds of glass Japanese seed beads on multiple cords that are woven together on a wooden marudai stand. The necklace lei is created using an ancient Japanese braiding technique called Kumihimo, a Japanese word for “gathered threads."

    Kumihimo is an art form that goes back hundreds of years as braids were made for use in armor for Japanese samurai warriors. In modern times these braids are designed as belts (obijime) that are worn as a belt with a kimono.