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    Go Fish! Hawaii Card Game

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    This Go Fish! Hawaii Card Game from Let's Go, Kiddo! is available at Pop-Up Mākeke and contains a full set of 40 extra large cards that are full of color and printed on eco-friendly card stock.

    The cards include original artwork with numeric numbers as well as the Hawaiian word for each number. You can also easily re-use these cards to teach children counting, colors, animals, or plant names. It can also be used for a different game, such as a memory card game or a matching exercise.

    You can also take the Go Fish! game to the next level by requiring each player to specify what color word they are looking for and the number to create a match. If you look at the bottom of every card, it says the animal or plant name, and there are also 2 different colors per deck - meaning your deck is full of 20 unique pairs of cards per set. 

    You can play this kid's card game at a beginner's level and mix and match colors, so you only have to pair the numbers on each card. Regardless of which rules you follow or which game you play, this is sure to bring some smiles to your kiddo's faces!


    • Material: Eco-Friendly Card Stock
    • 40 Extra-Large Cards
    • Original artwork