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Gel Nail Strips - Pūpū Pōniuniu (Hebrew Cone)

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  • These Gel Nail Strips - Pūpū Pōniuniu (Hebrew Cone)from Iwi Nails are available at Pop-Up Mākeke. The Pūpū Hinuhinu collection is inspired by the beautiful shells that dot Hawaiʻi's beaches and ocean floor.

    The hebrew cone is another variety of pūpū pōniuniu, or "dizzy shell." They were likely given this name because many live cone shells, such as the Hebrew cone, are venomous. You must be very careful when handing these types of shells and you should never take a live snail from them!

    These nails are the perfect addition to any girl’s night in. You can give yourself or your friends a salon-style manicure right in the comfort of your own home! And it’s incredibly easy as well! You can easily give yourself a salon-style manicure at home in 30 minutes!

    The nail strip set includes a nail filer, a cuticle pusher, Iwi Nail Prep Pad (alcohol wipes), and nail strips. When the nails are applied and correctly cured, they can last for at least three weeks and beyond. They are also easy to remove, so you can switch up the designs as often as you’d like.

    To remove the nails, there are no harsh chemicals or grinding required! Just take the wooden burnisher, wet it, or drop cuticle oil on your cuticles. Then you use the burnisher side to slide the water or oil under the nail, and the glue will start to dissolve. Do not rip them off, as this could damage your nail beds.

    This would also make a great addition to any nail care/salon gift basket. It is the perfect way to get at-home nails that you or your loved ones will love all around – from the process to the end result.


    • Set Includes: Nail Filer, Cuticle Pusher (burnisher), Iwi Nail Pre Pad, and Nail Strips.
    • Top coats are optional and can give a unique matte or high gloss finish.
    • Unopened sets should last up to a year.
    • Note: Iwi Nails do their best to photograph the nail strips to capture the true color, but the color online may vary slightly from the actual color.

    Application Instructions:

    1. Buff your nails with the nail filer before cleaning.
    2. Clean your nails really well with the alcohol wipe (any dirt or oil will prevent nails from sticking).
    3. Apply the strips and burnish with the little wooden stick included. Rub out any air bubbles and make sure there are no lifted edges.
    4. Cure for the full 60 seconds. (There is a built-in timer in the lamp).
    5. A top coat helps, but you should get wear even without it.

    Please note you will need a Gel Nail Lamp if you do not already own one. You can purchase one here

  • Please store in a cool dry place. Do not leave in a hot area (over 100 degrees F) for more than 24 hours.

    Once opened, returned left over nail strips to the foil bad and keep and reuse for up to 3 months.