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FECA Suction Cup Shower Caddy (F2) White

Let's face it, we got small houses in Hawaii. And we're going to be spending a lot of time at home during the lockdown. With FECA suction cups
you can organize and de-clutter the house, so you can save time and feel more relaxed at home.

Super strong suction cup shower caddy, holds up to 18 pounds! Includes two suction cups and one plastic caddy.

Stick it in the shower to get your shampoo, body wash and face wash bottles off the floor. Includes holes to drain the water.

See the little flower on the front? Perfect place to hang a loofah!

Basket lifts up for easy cleaning.

FECA suction cups stick to smooth, non-porous surfaces, including shiny ceramic tile, glass, metal appliances, acrylic/fiberglass showers, laminate, Formica and non-porous granite/marble. Perfect for the kitchen and bathroom. Does not stick to wood, cement, porous or cracked/bumpy surfaces.

Easy to use. Simply press in on the suction cup to force out the air, clamp down the lock and lightly pull to make sure it's on tight. Easy to maintain. About every three months, take them down and let them rest for 30 minutes. Rinse the rubber with water, dry it with your hand and put it back on. For optimum results, keep the suction surface clean and dry.