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‘Ama’u Fern Teal Sleeveless Women's Aloha Shirt

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Women’s sleeveless aloha shirt. Real coconut buttons. Hand-drawn fabric print illustrations. Designed, cut, and sewn in Hawai‘i on imported fabric. Made with draping 100% rayon viscose twill fabric. Rayon viscose is a fiber that is intended as a silk substitute derived from wood pulp, making it a natural fabric that is more breathable than cotton. No plastic, polyester, or cotton is used here; instead, enjoy this all-natural wood pulp fiber with luxurious silk textured. Machine wash and dry on a gentle setting. 'Ama'u is a pioneer species, one of the first plants to grow in the lava rock and cinder around the Kīlauea volcano. Nowhere are 'ama'u tree ferns found in more abundance than around Kīlauea at Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. In fact, Halemaʻumaʻu, the name of the main volcanic crater, literally means the home of the 'ama'u.

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