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Upena Towel - Aqua


The ‘upena (fishnet) were traditionally only used by lawai‘a ( fishermen), a practice passed down from generation to generation. Traditionally made from hau or olonā fibers, kūpuna would teach haumāna the practices of gathering, ihi (soaking), hoʻopulu (soaking), drying (hoʻomaloʻo), hoʻokahi (combing), hoʻokoe (separating), mea wili (twine), wili aho (cordage), to then weave to create an array of net types. O ka Oihana Lawaia no hoi ma ka wa kahiko loa mai a ko kakou aina, he oihana ia i manao nui loa ia e na alii aloha o kakou o ka manawa kahiko, a he oihana punahele pu no hoi e ao ia ai e na Makua i ka lakou mau keiki; Fishing was an ancient art in our land, an art that was very important to our beloved chiefs in olden times. A favorite art, taught to their sons by the parents.


Made from absorbent light-weight suede microfiber that's impossibly soft to the touch yet extremely durable and fast drying, these stylish, microbe resistant, 100% suede microfiber towels are sand-resistant, a great way to dry off after a morning surf session, a hard workout at the gym, working in the field, staying dry on the snow slopes or a simple topper for your yoga mat. Towels are sized at 72" by 30".