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All Natural Mosquito Deterent

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Our ALL NATURAL Insect Repellent is one of our most popular products because it does not contain harsh chemicals and it naturally repels mosquitoes AND flies. Similar to our breakout product “Her Lotion”, this one uses essential oils that have been known to repel mosquitoes and flies. Not only does it repel those irritating insects, but its users claim it also heals bites along with reducing the itch because of the plant infusion of our Lāʻau Hawaiʻi Infused Oils.

User testimonial:

Jesika says “This is the only thing that keeps me and my kids from being mosquito food. The best part is itʻs all natural with no preservatives and I feel safe putting it on my kids. Even if I forget to put it on them, I can apply it after they get bit and it takes away the welt!”

Dolly told us “I put it on my granddaughter and now the mosquitoes donʻt bite her like before. We put it on her bite marks she had already and she stopped scratching and it took away the mark. This product is good because itʻs all-natural and it works.”

**Lāʻau Hawaiʻi (plant medicinals) Infused Oils are the root for most Hawaiʻi Liquid Gold products. **Lā‘au Hawai‘i Infused Oils are a blend of coconut, olive, and avocado oils that we infuse with various lā‘au (plants) that were used traditionally by native Hawaiians and other cultures for their natural healing properties. Plants were gathered using ethical and sustainable harvesting practices from several locations throughout Hawai‘i.

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