Ohana Expressions

1st Day Puakenikeni Lei - 20in

A customer favorite! This fragrant tubular flower grows in clusters at the end of tree branches.

It blooms a creamy white color, turns yellow by the 2nd day, and then orange by the 3rd day. The homemade style lei is a combination of puakenikeni from all three stages and resembles the kind of lei made by someone with a puakenikeni tree in their yard.

They look amazing in combination with just about any other lei.


  • Length: 20" 1st Day Puakenikeni Lei
  • Material: Polymer Clay and Ribbon
  • Note: Each strand is sold separately.
  • Each flower is handmade, petal by petal, which makes each flower unique.
  • Due to the nature of handmade items, lei lengths are approximate and flower size and color may vary slightly from the images shown.