Merrie Monarch Festival

The Merrie Monarch Festival blossomed into the premier Hawaiian cultural event we know it today from its humble beginnings during the Hawaiian Renaissance era. The kūpuna sought to emulate the ideals of King Kalākaua to “Hoʻoulu Lāhui”, to invigorate the Hawaiian people. The resurgence of the Hawaiian language, music, voyaging, arts and craftmanship manifested itself during this celebration of Hawaiian culture.

The Merrie Monarch Craft Fair became a much sought after experience all to itself that could be enjoyed by the tens of thousands of excited shoppers every year. It is a common practice for local people to fly in to Hilo during Merrie Monarch just to shop at the craft fair and then enjoy the competition at home on their T.V. 

This year, Pop-Up Mākeke brings the the famous Merrie Monarch Craft Fair straight into the comfort of your home. In the spirit of this years Merrie Monarch motto “e ola i ka hula”, we live and heal through hula, we are doing our part to heal our cultral practitioners and small businesses from the economic impact of COVID 19. E ola! E ola! E ola i ka hula!

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