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Keep Palm & Ride On Mini Figurine

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This Keep Palm & Ride On Mini Figurine from CocoNene is available at Pop-Up Mākeke and celebrates Hawaii's colorful island scape. It is locally made in Kapolei, Hawaii. 

This little figurine would be great for adding a small and subtle piece of Hawaii to your home decor. It can go on any shelf, nightstand, end table, etc. Whether you display it in your living room, office, or bedroom, it is a cute Hawaiian art piece to add to your home.

Whether you just took a trip to Hawaii or you used to live on the islands, or even if you still live on the islands and just love little trinkets, this figurine is going to fit right in and is a great commemorative piece of the islands.  

It also makes a great gift if you are stuck on something for a birthday present, retirement present, secret Santa gift, or any gift-giving event. The Hawaiian decor piece was designed by local artists in Hawaii as part of CocoNene's Longboard Letters program.


  • Made in Hawaii
  • Mini SUP base outer dimensions: 6.5” x 3.5”
  • Includes Aloha surfboards, a large palm tree, and a mini SUP base
  • Natural wood grain texture enhances the artwork for a truly unique piece