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Merrie Monarch Application Content

Aloha and welcome to the Pop-Up Mākeke vendor application form exclusively for Merrie Monarch vendors!

** Application Deadline: May 5, 2021 **

We are excited to be working with the leadership of the official Merrie Monarch Invitational Hawaiian Arts Fair to provide an avenue for vendors like yourself to showcase and sell your products virtually given that there is no in-person craft fair again this year. 

As a vendor that was approved to be a part of the 2020 Merrie Monarch Craft Fair, we invite you to apply to be a part of the upcoming Pop-Up Mākeke (PUM) season.

Here are some “at a glance” highlights regarding this opportunity:

  • There is no up front fee to vendors to participate in Pop-up Mākeke
  • Items larger than 18"x14"x8" and/or weighing over 5lbs will not be accepted
  • Inventory must be sent to PUM
  • PUM (and partners) will ship out products to customers
  • There are two potential options for how to get paid for your products as a vendor:
    • (1)  get paid for your products in September, 2021 after PUM closes, or
    • (2) get paid for your products up front if you fit the wholesale model and are approved as a wholesale vendor.
  • You must complete a 3-hour training and support session during which time PUM staff will help you to set up your company and product profiles in order to activate your online presence at

    Click here for more information via answers to Frequently Asked Questions but we have also listed below: (1) the exclusive benefits for Merrie Monarch Vendors, (2) the full list of criteria that you must meet to participate in PUM, (3) the list of products we will not accept in PUM, and a description of the difference between being a wholesale versus a consignment vendor.



    If you and your product(s) meet our standards and criteria, you will be entitled to the benefits afforded all Pop-Up Mākeke vendors as well as these exclusive benefits available only to Merrie Monarch vendors:

    • Exclusive branding on each of your items as a Merrie Monarch vendor on
    • Placement in the exclusive Merrie Monarch Marketplace section on
    • Broadcast and digital promotion and marketing during the week of the Merrie Monarch hula competition television broadcast 


        In order to participate in PUM, all vendors must commit to, and satisfy, these criteria:

        • Be a registered business with the State of Hawaiʻi; and
        • Meet the anticipated product demands, namely optimal inventory quantities that will be determined by PUM dependent on the type of product and your ability to restock your items in a timely fashion;  and
        • Provide a description of your company and your overall product offering; and 
        • Provide a written description for each product which includes but is not limited to: retail pricing, core features, dimensions/weight, and a bit about what makes it unique; and
        • Provide at least one high-resolution photo for each product; and
        • Individually package each item; and
        • Participate in PUM vendor training and support session


            The types of products described below will not be accepted by PUM:

            • Products larger than 18"x14"x8" and/or weighing over 5lbs
            • Dangerous or prohibited products (drugs, CBD, weapons, etc.)
            • Any items with a shelf life of less than 90 days after product has been received by PUM 


                • Consignment: All approved MMF vendors will initially be included in PUM on a consignment basis where you ship your inventory to PUM and based on what sells, PUM will pay you only for the items that sold after the mākeke closes in late August, early September. PUM will also return any unsold inventory to you at that time unless other arrangements are made, initiated by PUM and approved by you as the vendor.
                • Wholesale: For the first time, PUM is looking to establish a wholesale relationship with certain vendors who can meet a second tier of criteria that will be considered once you complete your application. The specific terms of the wholesale vendor relationship will be determined on an individual basis but in general will be a situation where you sell your products to PUM at a discounted price (approximately 50% of your retail price) and you get paid immediately, up front. PUM takes ownership of your inventory and resells it to customers. Unsold inventory would stay with PUM.


                  Based on the above information, if you are indeed interested in participating in PUM as an approved 2020 Merrie Monarch vendor, please complete the following form which should take you approximately 5 minutes to complete. Once we receive your completed form, we will review your information and be back in touch with next steps. If you have any questions, please first complete the form to the best of your ability and at the end, in the field provided, let us know how we might be able to provide further assistance.