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    Pure Kona Grinder Sea Salt Pouch

    This Pure Kona Grinder Sea Salt Pouch from Sea Salts of Hawaii is available at Pop-Up Mākeke and is hand-harvested from ultra-pristine and mineral-rich deep ocean water. 

    From the depths, 2200 feet below the ocean surface, Kona Sea Salt has a purity you can taste. 100% deep seawater is dried naturally under the Hawaiian sun producing exquisite gourmet finishing salt. 

    The grinder salt has slightly less moisture than the flake salt while still retaining its delicious flavor! Like the flake salt, it contains less sodium than ordinary table salt but is still just as delicious - maybe more! 

    The salt is favored by chefs worldwide and has 33% less sodium than ordinary table salt. This delicious Hawaiian salt will flavor any meat dish, chicken, potato, soup, stew - anything you want to add salt to. Be prepared never to want to go back to regular table salt! 


    • Net Weights Available: 6oz and 1lb
    • Ingredients: Pure Kona Deep Sea Salt
    • 1/3 less sodium than table salt