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Naupaka Stud Earrings in Gold Plated

The Naupaka Kahakai are commonly found across the Hawaiian shores . They are tiny and barely noticeable but very distinctive of their half bloom . In Hawaii there are 2 types of Naupaka , the Naupaka Kahakai and the Naupaka Kuahiwi. THE LEGEND : 🌸The legend says that they represent the Princess Naupaka and her Lover Kaui . Because she was a Royal and Kaui was a commoner their Love was forbidden. They were forced to separate . Before they said goodbye, Princess Naupaka took the flower she was wearing on her ear and tore it in half , she gave one half to Kaui in symbol of their everlasting Love . Even the flowers around them could feel their broken hearts and started to only bloom in halves . There are 2 species of Naupaka , the Naupaka Kahakai ( the ocean naupaka) and Naupaka Kuahiwi ( the mountain naupaka ) . When both flowers are joined together they form a full and complete flower and both Lovers can be reunited when both blossoms are picked and connected . Wear a piece of paradise and sunshine everyday , everywhere ! Great for yourself or as a special gift that will be loved and cherished and worn proudly! ✨Versatile and timeless with a comfortable and elegant feel . ✨Approximate size: 1/2 inch. ✨Metal options : • Heavy 18k yellow Gold plated over sterling silver . • Sterling silver rhodium plated. (in another listing)

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