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Hāwane Deep Forest Women's Sleeveless Midi Dress

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A classic, versatile summer dress. Midi sleeveless bias cut dress. Bias cut fabric makes for a very flattering drape for all sizes. Limited quantity print. Hand-drawn fabric print illustrations. Designed, cut, and sewn in Hawai‘i on imported fabric. Made with draping 100% Lyocell, a rayon twill fabric. Lyocell is a fiber that is intended as a silk substitute derived from wood pulp. It is a natural fabric in the same family as Modal and Tencel that is more breathable than cotton. It is a luxury eco-fabric, made in a closed-loop cycle from sustainably grown wood, often eucalyptus. No plastic, polyester, or cotton is used here; instead, enjoy this all-natural sustainable wood pulp fiber with a luxurious silk texture. Machine wash and dry on a gentle setting. Pritchardia hillebrandii, is featured in this print. An islet off the coast of Moloka'i has an untouched strand of this particular blue-green palm species, giving a sense of what a forest of loulu would look like.