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Hawaiian Macadamia Culinary Oil - 12oz bottle

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Hawaiian Macadamia Culinary Oil – 12 oz. bottle Using nuts grown on Hawaii Island, our Hawaiian Macadamia Oil is expeller-pressed to showcase its nutty, delightfully complex flavor profile. This rich, flavorful oil is delicious for salad dressings, finishing oils, baking, roasting vegetables, or other high-heat cooking (the oil can be heated up to 420° F). Naturally expeller-pressed with no additives or preservatives, this oil is a good source of Vitamin E, Omega 7, and Omega 9, vegan, and free of sodium, sugar, gluten, and cholesterol. Download a free PDF of recipes shared by some of Hawaii's top chefs who featured our premium culinary oils in their dishes. Chef Rave Reviews: “Neat toasted nutty cacao flavor; delightfully complex; crazy flavorful; very impressive; I love it in vinaigrettes; delicious with fish as it’s light with a fresh nutty flavor.”

Locally Grown Culinary Oils Preferred by Hawaii's Top Chefs Hawaii's top chefs are raving about the flavorful, premium culinary oils by Maiden Hawaii Naturals. Our signature Maui Sunflower oil and Hawaii Macadamia nut oil are made fresh using locally grown ingredients, including sunflowers that we sustainably farm on Maui. The oils are expeller-pressed with no additives or preservatives and bottled by our company on Hawaii Island. Most conventional oils are heavily processed at high temperatures and with harsh chemicals to extract the oil and extend the shelf life; those refined oils are clear, odorless, and depleted of nutrients. Our oils are produced naturally: we mechanically press the nuts and seeds with no additives or preservatives, retaining the oil’s nutrients, flavor, aroma, and color. When you purchase our oils, you’re supporting local farming, local food production, and greater sustainability in Hawaii. Our company was created in 2017 by renewable energy pioneers, Bob and Kelly King. Their Maui-based company Pacific Biodiesel, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, recycles waste cooking oils from restaurants statewide for use in the production of clean biodiesel. Now our locally made culinary oils are offered to Hawaii’s chefs and the used cooking oil will be recycled to produce a 100% renewable fuel for a cleaner, greener Hawaii – that’s full circle sustainability! Cook like a chef when you use culinary oils from Maiden Hawaii Naturals – click here to download recipes created by some of Hawaii’s top chefs and graciously shared for you to enjoy.

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