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Kupukupu Dangles

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From our  newest collection Kupukupu.

These dainty dangle are perfect for everywhere. Classy. simple, classic.

The Kupukupu fern has two species that are native to Hawaiʻi. They were planted by hula dancers in hopes to kupu (sprout) knowledge, and represents the start of a new beginning.

In my design process I always pray first, and ask for who and what? and then I wait. I wait for the
3 signs because growing up my Aunty always told me they come in threes. My designs are usually dedicated to someone dear to me, and represent something about them. This design has been on my heart since last year. My eldest son “Kekupu” was graduating so knew it was for him (#1), but little did I know of the two other elements that would make this design pa’a.

My second sign was last year when we visited to support the kiʻaʻi on Maunakea. My eldest was given the His Hawaiian name-Kekupuloaokamililani, the great off-spring of heavens’ affection. Standing in of Aloha ʻĀina in the closest place to heaven there were kupukupu growing around me. I later learned Kupukupu are one of the first plants to grow in the lava fields after the lava flows.

The third sign... the need to grow, and be resilient in times like these. Like the Kupukupu fern. We need to “sprout,” grow, and come together for strength and resilience.

Now more than ever, it will take strength and determination to believe we will persevere and be resilient.

Available is 14k vermeil or sterling silver.