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A centralized online marketplace supporting Hawai’i small businesses.

Vendors are selected by an external committee of community leaders.

We anticipate supporting approximately 300 vendors.


- Products sold to Pop-Up Makeke at a discounted rate (this is typically 50% of the retail value)

- Products will be sold on and


- Pop-Up Mākeke will sell products on behalf of businesses on

- Vendor will receive the retail value of their products, minus fees that maybe assessed

- Unsold product at the end of the Pop-Up Mākeke will be returned to the vendor

- Must devote 3 hours to an onboarding workshop; and

- Be a registered business in good standing in the state of Hawaii; and

- Products must have a connection to Hawaii; and

- All products must have a high resolution photo; and

- All products must have a written description which includes but is not limited to core features, dimensions/weight, unique value proposition; and

- All products must have a barcode; and

- Products must be individually packaged

Amazon will be assisting with increasing the global footprint for Hawaiʻi based wholesale businesses.

Products need to be handed over to Pop-Up Mākeke ready to be shipped.

Once selected as a vendor, you will be notified by email and scheduled to participate in our orientation.  Additional information will be provided in email.

An end date has not yet been determined.

The Pop-Up Mākeke is facilitated and managed by the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement (CNHA) is a member-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Unfortunately, due to state and federal consumer privacy laws and regulations, we will be unable to share any customer data with Pop-Up Mākeke vendors. However, general data indicating your gross sales and overall product performance will be provided.

The Pop-Up Mākeke maintains an “All Sales Final” policy. To the extent possible, we will accommodate customers who show proof that their products were damaged in transit.

Pop-Up Mākeke will be offering $4.99 flat rate shipping on all domestic (U.S.) orders.

Yes, we will issue payment on any products sold via consignment, if or when a re-stock is requested and approved by the Pop-Up Mākeke Team. Wholesale vendors will be paid in accordance with executed purchase orders.